A Twilight FanFiction Anonymous O/S Contest.
Pick a Gif & write a Fic based on it. And trust us, after raiding JadaPattinson's Gif collection, we have more than enough here...at least one has to inspire that urge to write!


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Betty Smith (@MissBettySmith) ~ Author of My Esteemed Colleague and more~

Chicklette (@chicklette_) ~ Author of Get Me To You, Of Kith and Kin and more~

iambeagle (@megschmegg) ~ Author of The Cellar, Head Over Feet and more~
jaxon22 (@sophiejax) ~ Author of Help Wanted, A Pound of Flesh and more~

jessypt (@jessypt) ~ Author of The Diner, Seeing Daylight, Winter Song and more~

kdc2239 (@kdc2239) ~ Author of Fuggiasco, Exposed and more~

kharizzmatik (@TatersGonnaTate) ~ Author of Emancipation Proclamation, Pinky Swear and more~

Lux123 (@Lux123_) ~ Fic connoisseur and reader extaordinaire~

Magnolia822 (@Magnolia822) ~ Author of A Quiet Fire, An Acquired Taste and more~

ooza (@o_Oza) ~ Author of Here in the Garden of Sin, Adore Adore, Inside Man and more~

sabriel017 (@sabriel017) ~ Veteran reader and fic aficionado~

stickybuns (@stickybuns) ~ Author of Beloved and Just You and Me~

TKegl (@TKegl) ~ Author of Beyond Time, Just One of the Boys, Cutlass and more~
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